Workers' Compensation Litigated Claims Evidence Discovery

One Record, One Source, One Resolution.


A Cloud Based Portal / Repository

It is no secret that administrative and frictional costs of Worker’s Compensation litigated claims are significant in California. The Worker’s Compensation Industrial Relations Board (WCIRB) reporting that such costs actually exceeded Indemnity Costs (at $3.5b) in 2016*

Evedent has stepped up to make a significant investment – intending to solve this very problem. It is a challenge that is ripe for a technology-based solution. The value proposition is simple and undeniable – namely – sharing claim, medical and employment evidence is less costly than duplicating it, fighting over it, or ignoring it – and much more importantly – speeds resolution of cases, reduces friction and lowers costs.

Speeds Resolution of Cases

Reduces Friction

Reduces Costs

*2016 WCIRB Industry Report

Evedent A Cloud Based Portal/Repository

Where all the Facts & Evidence About a Case are Authenticated, Timely, Shared, Mutually Visible, and Frictionless.

  • Secure access to authorized people
  • Authorized users have access to the same content
  • This reduces friction, and speeds up resolution
  • Excerpts
  • Chronology
  • Reviews
  • Collaboration
  • Supplemental Storage & Information

Evedent a new way to address and reduce the cost of workers’ compensation litigated claims for insurance carriers, self-insured employers and third party administrators.

Let’s talk about how we can reduce your defense copy costs by up to 70% and reduce your time to resolution.

What Is Said About Us

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"The Quicker the Better"

We believe the secret to workers comp is improving outcomes. The secret is to improve outcomes one by one. The quicker you close close a claim, the better

Global Chief Claims Officer

"The Cost of Friction"

The cost of friction now exceeds the costs paid for indemnity benefits

WCIRB 2017 State of the System

"Cost is 70% Less"

Workers compensation claims are a paper chase of inefficiency. For years applicant attorneys and defense attorneys have been chasing the same records making multiple requests from the same parties and the cost for both has been borne by the Payor's. its expensive and delays both resolution and proper care. The Evedent Clearinghouse provides subpoenaed documents to all parties, quickly and at a cost that is 70% less than what Payors currently pay." One record. One Source. One Resolution

Joe Salvati - Vice President of Evedent